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Quality Control

DSSI maintains the highest level in Quality Control procedures. Our quality assessment guarantees image quality and correct indexing on all scanned documents for our clients. This process validates that we have captured a quality, legible image and that the corresponding metadata used to identify the image, is also correct. This step is critical to the success of any Document Management program, as it will enable knowledge workers to quickly access documents and ensure that those documents are legible.

The DSSI Quality Assurance process achieves the following:

  • Validates scanning and indexing process
  • Facilitates the re-scanning of poor quality images
  • Verifies readability on each page of each document
  • Confirms proper indexing of each document
  • Approves accurate page counts for each document

Technology Quality Control

  • DSSI ensures that all scanners are operating within anticipated tolerances established by ISO 12653, parts 1 and 2 (Electronic imaging).
  • DSSI uses post-processing image enhancement to provide image "clean-up" after the scanning to improve the quality and legibility of the scanned image

Document Quality Control

  • DSSI verifies that each image is legible; all information was captured, images are oriented correctly; images are straight and that problem areas of a document have been captured cleanly.
  • Our Quality Control Operator identifies questionable images, compares these images to the original paper and determines if a rescan of the page, using image enhancement tools, can produce a better image.
  • Documents that will not benefit from a re-scan due to the poor nature of the original paper will be recorded, so that it cwill be identified when imported into an Electronic Document Management System.

Data Quality Control

Quality Control of Metadata is crucial to the success of any Document Management Program. This is why DSSI has implemented a process of “Blind Double Key Verification.” Our data validation process eliminates 99.9% of potential data entry errors, which provides the assurance you need knowing that your vital company information is processed accurately.

Metadata entered by two different data entry operators is compared within our capture software to locate any discrepancies. If the two entries match, then the document is processed within the Imaging Workflow. If the two entries do not match, the document is then routed to the Project Manager to determine which entry is correct. The PM will select the correct entry and process the document. It is beyond negligible to conceive that both data entry operators will commit the same error with the same keystroke on the same document.